I am a computer scientist holding a PhD in bioinformatics. I am curentlty working at the institut Pasteur in Paris in the Rayan Chikhi group “Sequence Bioinformatics”.

My daily work is focused on algorithmics and datastructures for bioinformatics problems. In other words, I am creating methods and softwares to solve new problems or to improve performances of already solved problems in bioinformatics.

I’m also very interested in alternative game design, more specifically into alternative controllers. I created a few games during the “Art Game Weekend” and “Zoomachine festival”.

Short bio

I studied computer science at Lille university (France). After a PhD in bioinformatics at the Bonsai group in Lille, I did a postdoc year in the Pawlowski group in Geneva. Since 2018 I’m a research engineer at the institut Pasteur in Paris.


  • Spaceship: A cooperative game where 3 people have to maintain alive a spaceship (6 diseminated computers) during a 4 minutes journey. Github
  • A Maze In Chair: Your Character is running away, trying to avoid a lot of incoming obstacles. The chair where you sat is the only way to help him. The character follow your chair movments, help him to avoid the surrounding obstacles. See more, facebook
  • Artefact: 3 meters by 3 meters dark room, 8 multicolor led stips, a lot of colored buttons. In this game, you goal is to understand the rules of interaction between buttons and colored led strips. Artefect is a puzzle game design for zen puzzle solving for groups of people. See more, Github


  • Smiles2Monomers: A software to detect monomers into a 2D structure of a polymer. The software was created during my PhD thesis for application to Nonribosomal Peptides in the Norine database. Webpage, Github
  • SLIM: Webserver to create pipelines for ecological survey. Designed to be really easy to use for biologists without computer science knowledge. A particular effort has been made to ensure reproducibility. Website, Github


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